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Interesting Links

Indexes| Mead Making| Wine Brewing| Rune Casting| Norse Mthology| Viking History| Clothing| Food| Computer Stuff| Persona Resources

General Indexes

The Viking Network- history related
The Bifrost Project- lots of links
The World of The Vikings Internet Resource Guide- these people know their stuff!
The Viking Home Page- a good, quick loading index!


The Bee's Lees- a good collection of Mead recipies
The Mead Maker's Page-recipies and explanations- nicely organized
Mead Made Easy- this is a complete online book for the beginning mead-maker
Foole's Tavern Mead Page- direct links to Mead digest!!!
Mead Hall- Discussions, recipies and resources for the makers of mead

Wine Making

Home of Winemaking 101- a good start for beginners!
Usenet - rec.crafts.winemaking - The tasteful art of making wine.
The Home Winemakers Manual- from the guy who wrote the book on it-litteraly
Paul's Elderberry Page-a few (duh) elderberry recipies
Medieval/Renaissance Brewing Homepage-lots of SCA related links

Rune Casting

Free Electronic Rune Casting- (does anyone else have a problem with this? doesn't seem screemingly accurate without personal contact, but maybe that's just me?)
Runes, Alphabet of Mystery- tells how to make your own set, how to cast, etc..
Runes of the Elder Futhark- thorough, not overly technical
The Runic Journey- a little slow-loading, but worth the wait, kinda historical in orientation

Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology from Encyclopedia Mythica-links to 104 articles
The Asatru Archive- current and ancient practices


The Manor of Drengham- a few interesting articles, well written and well researched!
The Viking Network- lots of info, heavily cross-refrenced
Academic Section of The World of the Vikings


Forward Into the Past: A Ricardian's Guide to The Society for Creative Anachronism-a nice pattern for a Tunic w/ wide cuffs
Andy Nguyen's Tailoring PagePatterns for a bodice, men's pants
The Corsetry Page- How to make a corset
Footware of the Middle Ages- patterns, advice on different styles
Leine Pattern by Sharon Krossa- 16th cent scottish/irish tunic pattern
How to Draw Your Own Celtic Knotwork- useful for making your own embroidery designs!
An Archeaological Guide to Viking Men's Clothing- an article on what they wore (no patterns)
Viking Embroidery Stitches and Motifs- excellent how to-s, a few patterns
Viking Tunic Construction- patterns- need I say more?
Viking Resources for the Re-enactor
Rialto's Pattern-Related Message Archive- plenty of easy to find (simplicity, buttrick) patterns for Garb!
The Do It Yourself Guide to LRP- tunic, shirt, smock, cloak, dress, viking shoes- patterns
Viking Ornamentation Styles-- I used pics as patterns for embroidery!
The Viking Answer Lady see what she has to say on women's clothing, under the Daily Life section
Simple Pants Pattern- looks easy enough
The Viking Apron Dress- how to's
The Costume Page- links to several patterns, not limited to viking or medieval tho
How to Wrap and Wear a Great Kilt- Useful for the Men Without Pants Party (unless you want your kilt to fall off!)
Sewing Resource Guide- Bookmark this one- It'll be a frequent stop for any research or sewing questions

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Online Literature

Viking Related Texts-quick loading links to the online sagas and eddas, from the good people of the Viking Home Page

The Sagas

Medieval Food Home Page- not specifficly Viking
Computer Stuff

Pagan Fonts- Get the Futharks!
Gorm the Wired Viking's Page- Let Gorm give you a name!
Halatafl for Windows- shareware game

Persona Resources

First Names and What they mean
Dogwood's Names Database
Medieval Naming Guide
Sanne's First Names Site

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