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Give Coin to the Mummy!

What crazed relics of an ancient and insidiously inhuman civilization still exert their eerie influence on unsuspecting others... only the unfathomable Pharaoh gnos! Throw him coin!

Testimonials from the True Believers

Oh the Mummy has made me whole again. No longer will I sneer in derision at the need to visit the port-o-castle at the war. No longer must I portion my food to prevent intestinal manipulations. The Mummy has been within my bowels and has shown me light at the end of my tunnel. And all this for a mere +ACQ-.78 in change. Oh bless The Mummy. Oh bless The Mummy. Oh bless The Mummy. Excuse me. Gotta go.

The General

I has seen de mommy and now is a true beliver! I has seen da truet o' his ways and have been blessed. The mommy has freed me from the terrorble work o' sucking creamed corn through a straw. One o' me pappy's pappy a long time ago has made a vodoo priestess pissed and we be crused wiff bad colan. All hail de power o de mommy!

Dritan Suljoti

Did you give coin at Pennsic? Did the Pharoh cure your colan? Have a Testimonial? Why not E-mail the Webmistress, and it'll be posted here!